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Experience Authentic Connection

Let's Discover What is Possible, Between Us


Authentic Portland (AP) is an authentic relating (AR) group and community that engages in, and shares, AR practices in service of cultivating the rich, deep connection available between individuals. The practices we bring to our community are rooted in the vulnerability that we all experience and is driven by exploration, curiosity and passion for growth and play!

Our Agreements


Honor Yourself

Honor Others

Show Up Fully

These agreements are used to create safety and trust at each one of our AR events. We also practice embodying them in our day-to-day life, to the best of our ability, in hopes of developing a culture ripe for connection.


"I find it miraculous that we can come together as strangers and,

through this process, leave as loved ones."

- Maria, AP Community Member


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Authentic Relating Games

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Authentic Relating Circles


Free-form Community Events


Practice Groups

Contact Authentic Portland

Get in touch with Authentic Portland to learn more about our work and events we offer.

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