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Meet the Facilitators and Leadership

Tate Sprite

Tate Sprite

AR Games Facilitator, Small Group Facilitator, Circling Facilitator, Event Organizer


Being curious to always freshly experience what's really going on is a principle that makes Tate’s world wonder-full. At Authentic Portland, they draw on their study of the Art of Circling, Hakomi, Inner Relationship Focusing, Compassionate Communication, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and ongoing revelations from engaging with life. As a linguist, they’re particularly fascinated by how much language matters as a barrier or a bridge to connection and to creating new realities. They love their peeps, their rivers, trees and dirt, their part-time dogs, simplicity, giving haircuts, the moment of laying down swords and shields, saying what's true, absurdity, and their alone time. 

Sean Hennessey

Sean Hennessy 

Circling Facilitator, Event Organizer




Come ask me and I'll tell you <3

Paul Clerc

Paul Clerc

AR Games Facilitator, Event Organizer

Paul has been exploring the worlds of emotion, self awareness and authentic communication for more than 15 years through practices such as Naka Ima, Solsara, Nonviolent Communication and Authentic Relating. He is especially interested in the connection between body sensation and emotion. Paul is passionate about awakening loving awareness in himself and others through honesty, humor, play and vulnerability.


Paul is a delighted Papa, Ashtanga yogi, lover of beauty and an entrepreneur. Paul writes (and occasionally publishes) non-fiction and children's fiction. He also loves to read and dance. 

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Jesse Nolan

Circling Facilitator, AR Games Facilitator, Event Scheduler and Organizer

Jesse has been exploring Authentic Relating through several modalities since 2014. He is particularly drawn to deep, present moment connection and strives to live authentically every day. A truth seeker, Jesse thrives at the growth edge and can often be found wandering in vulnerability. Heart-centered, mindful and playful.

Along with connecting with nature and those who he is close to, Jesse is passionate about men's personal growth and relationship dynamics and offers personal coaching in these areas. He also aspires to bring more authentic relating into the world and is always seeking to create, and be part of, more opportunities for the world to experience this vital work.     

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Brandi Dawson

Circling Facilitator, Event Organizer

Brandi has enjoyed expanding her inner meditation work to the world of Authentic Relating and Circling. She has done Circling training and taken courses with The Circling Institute, Authentic Revolution, and The Connection Institute. Some other multi-week courses that she’s completed and have further informed her practice are courses in Non-Violent Communication, Mindful Self-Compassion, and Attachment Theory. As well as facilitating Circles for the Authentic Portland community Brandi also facilitates for an online platform for a community of facilitators in training.

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