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About Authentic Portland

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Authentic Portland is an authentic relating group and community alive and thriving in Portland, OR USA. We are an incubator, a laboratory and a catalyst for an emerging authentic culture. We are the soil from which authentic communities have the potential to grow.

We are seeking to answer the question of how to embody authenticity, presence, truth and compassion in our day-to-day lives and relationships. We invite people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, social and economic statuses and political affiliations to join us in this exploration.


Core values:

  • Surrendering to present-moment experience 

  • Being fully alive, engaged, and grounded in the body

  • Following curiosity 

  • Respecting ourselves and each other

  • Expressing from vulnerable transparency

  • Owning our experience

  • Seeing the innocence and good intentions in people, including ourselves

  • Connecting from the heart

  • Deepening our understanding of how we impact each other, and letting that matter

  • Treating relationship as an awareness practice

  • Deepening intimacy

  • Sharing togetherness in an attitude of play and not-knowing


Events We Offer

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Authentic Relating Games

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Free-form Community Events


Practice Groups


Our Agreements

These agreements are used to create safety and trust at each one of our AR events.

Honor Yourself

  • Stay present with your own felt physical and emotional experiences

  • Express what feels true for you in the moment 

  • Speak to your experience in a way that is inarguable

  • Periodically check-in with yourself to reassess your wants, needs, and desires

  • Request feedback or support, if you desire this

Honor Others

  • Respect stated boundaries

  • Interact with the intention of understanding and connecting

  • Ask questions that arise from a place of genuine curiosity

  • Practice reflective listening in conversation

  • Practice confidentiality by only speaking of your experience to those outside the container

  • Practice explicit confidentiality by honoring immediate requests to discontinue a communication thread

Show Up Fully

  • Reveal yourself and your vulnerabilities as fully and authentically as you can while honoring yourself and others

  • Engage with the intention to connect

  • Be aware of your habituated patterns of relating and explore stepping outside of them

  • Connect with your desires/impulses and practice acting upon them responsibly

  • Slow down and allow space for silence and reflection

  • Bring a willingness to relax, have fun and play with others

Contact Authentic Portland

Get in touch with Authentic Portland to learn more about our work and events we offer.

Thank you for reaching out!

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