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Authentic Relating Games

What Are Authentic Relating Games?

Authentic Relating Games are activities designed to create the opportunity for authentic connection between individuals and with a group. They invoke individual expression, vulnerable sharing, and adult play within a safe space. They are not traditional board games. They are interpersonal and interactive.


What Happens at Authentic Relating Games events?


Come for some fun and, potentially, some surprising insights.


A.R. Games events include a series of guided games designed to stretch people to practice a more transparent, self- and other-aware way of relating and communicating. We interact with each other through various relational games creating an opportunity to learn about ourselves and each other in relationship. This can involve pair work, group sharing, asking questions, or movement games. They may include gazing into someone's eyes, speaking what your experience is in the moment, or revealing through your body how you are feeling right now. We provide a container in which you have the opportunity to lean into your edge of discomfort in ways you might not dare do otherwise. By taking risks, you may discover new things about yourself in front of others, and you may come to appreciate people more deeply.


Sound like fun?

It is!

Sound very foreign and strange?

It may be, to you, but it can be a deeply enjoyable and nourishing experience for those new to authentic relating and just plain fun for those seasoned in the practices.


"I want to play like this with everyone in my life"

-  AP Community Member

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