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Free-form Community Events

Authentic Portland hosts less structured community events such as camping, potluck socials and informal gatherings. We connect "in the wild" with the intention of including a similar level of authenticity in our interactions as we practice in our more structured events.


Authentic Portland holds an annual summer campout to help bring authentic relating and nature together. These Campouts encourage connection and community through engagement in authentic relating activities as well as hiking, relaxing, exploring, swimming, community potluck meals, campfires, and songs. No prior attendance at AP events is necessary. This is a great way to dive deeper into our community and make new connections!


Authentic Portland potlucks are an opportunity for people who want to socialize while being real with each other, as opposed to putting on a "social" mask of expectations, to gather and embody that ideal. People who feel they have enough relational skill to take our basic agreements and practices on the road, outside a facilitated environment, and experiment with the degree to which they can apply them. If you are new to these practices, we recommend that you come to some Games Nights or Circles events first. Though this is not a requirement, it may give you a clearer idea of what we are doing.

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